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Focus Areas
Focus areas drive coalition's work and are determined by our partners and members. Along with legislative and educational priorities, these areas are regularly review to ensure the coalition is working on the most urgent and important issues facing Alaska.

Economic Justice & Poverty Abatement

The people of Alaska, especially our children and their families, cannot reach their full potential when living under the burdensome yoke of poverty. Our communities are diminished when all its people cannot fully participate in our common life because they must struggle simply to meet their basic needs.

Racial Equality & Nondiscrimination

While Alaska boasts some of the U.S.’s most racially diverse communities, public policy undergirds a system that marginalizes Native Alaskans and other racial minorities. Some Alaskans remain unprotected from discrimination because of their sexual orientation and gender identity, while others experience discrimination in spite of legal protections.

Health Care

Adequate, accessible and affordable health care is a basic human right. National, state & local public policies must be morally-grounded and support essential health care. Removing the barriers to quality health care and supporting efforts for sustainable health care in rural and urban Alaska will help safeguard the quality of life for all Alaskans.

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is the fuel that powers and empowers a thriving community. Every Alaskan’s right to vote should be protected. Alaskans should have equitable access to exercise their vote, have their voices and opinions heard by public officials, and have governmental representation that aligns with their community demographics.

Environmental Justice

Alaska’s natural environment and ecologies are impacted by many factors far beyond the borders of Alaska. Therefore, international, national, state and local public policies must be morally-grounded, nondiscriminatory and mindful of responsible stewardship of these resources for future generations. This includes balancing the tensions between conservation, preservation, recreation, economic development, Alaska Native rights and subsistence policy & culture.

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Moral Movement AK is a fusion, nonpartisan, statewide coalition of diverse organizations and individuals with the mission to be a moral collective voice for the common good.

MMA is an outreach program of the Alaska Christian Conference, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.